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Welcome to the Stampin’ Creative blog hop!  Our theme this month is Trick or Treat. If you’ve arrived from Mikaela then you are very welcome and I know you’ve already seen some wonderful projects.  If you’ve started here, I hope you enjoy our hop today.

I don’t really have any Halloween products, so I’ve decided to share some tricks with you – specifically, heat embossing tricks!  Heat embossing, especially metallic, is one of the things I fell in in love with at my first class a few years ago and is one of the reasons I signed up as a Demonstrator pretty much on the spot!  I *still* love heat embossing but there are some things that are good to know, to make it better and easier.

Firstly, it might sound obvious, but get your heat tool hot before you start waving it over your card – the less time you are heating the card, the less it will bend.

Second, if your card *does* bend, turn it over and heat the other side – it will straighten it out.

Third, don’t forget your embossing buddy!  It really helps prevent stray bits of powder clinging where it shouldn’t.  I store mine on top of my Versamark pad, so I can’t forget to use it.

Fourth, a tip from one of Brian King’s downlines, Shawn (sorry, I don’t know his surname) – if you’re embossing in white, use white kraft ink rather than Versamark as you get better coverage.  When I went to do this I discovered I only had opaque white stazon ink, but it worked well.  Have a look:


I also did the same stamp using Versamark, and the curl under Joyful has a few cracks, so I’m sold on this method!  Here’s the Versamark version:


I also tried Versamark, then the Stazon to see if that was even better.  It’s not!  They are both sticky inks and seemed to fight each other – my advice?  Go with the white ink trick.

Fifth and finally, something I’ve used a lot recently, since my sister Liz mentioned seeing it on Pootles’ website – clear embossing a colour by stamping in Versamark, then the ink pad and then using clear embossing powder.  You’d think it would mess your ink pads up, but it really doesn’t.  Here’s another 105mm x 105mm square card to show that trick off:


This card is a clean and simple one and I think the clear embossing really brings it to life.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my tricks today – the full list of blogs to hop around is below, or you can click on the button to hop to the next person, Pip, who I know will have fantastic projects you will love!  And please give a very warm welcome to Danielle, our guest blogger this month.

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14 thoughts on “Stampin’ Creative Trick or Treat!

  1. Love these cards Caro and I haven’t heard of that embossing trick with Craft ink – you can be sure I’ll be trying that out soon enough!!! Thank you!


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