Last minute Christmas cards


I like to make all the Christmas cards we send out but it can be a challenge as we send somewhere around 90-100 every year. Last week I discovered that I hadn’t made enough and the “posting before we leave the country” deadline was looming. Inspired by my sister’s recent quick and easy cards (here), I decided to use DSP to produce some quick cards. I came up with three designs, all using the DSP, although I’m only showing you two of them as I don’t have a photo with me. We are visiting my sister and brother for Christmas so popping home for an errant photo isn’t an option.

So here they are!  For some reason I made one design 4 inches square and the other 4 1/4 inches square. The final design was a”normal” base measuring 148.5 x 105 mm but you’ll have to take my word for that!

DSC_1526 coyright DSC_1534 copyright

I was really pleased with how these came out and trust me, they are quick to make!

Hope you like them.


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