Alcudia Flog 1 – The Glass Cathedral

The Flog

And so, as sure as night follows day, famine follows glut and a failed album and stint on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here follows a win on the X-Factor I am on holiday and so here follows the first travel blog.

We are in Mallorca. Alcudia, to be precise; a popular family resort at the North of the island that exudes an amicable sun-bleached seediness common to popular Hispanic holiday resorts.  The whole town is like a Latino Butlins and I mean that as a compliment.  I won’t even need to speak the word of the language; all the locals speak flawless English.  God bless three generations of sun-seeking British monoliguists.

I’m here, with Caroline, my parents and old friends Julie and Arthur, to catch some sun and recharge my faded batteries.  It feels twenty lifetimes since we’ve had a proper break. We all came here, last…

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