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My first ever crop!

Happy Thursday!

My brother and sister live in New Jersey so I don’t see as much of them as I’d like.  Thanks to Skype we are able to sort of see each other and catch up frequently.  Since I joined Stampin’ Up! and then Liz, my sister joined shortly afterwards, we’ve been (ab)using Skype a whole lot more, to show cards to each other, chat about all things SU! and surprise ourselves by just how much time that can use up!  Liz and I were very novice crafters when we joined, and some of the terms were baffling, to put it mildly.  Maybe I need to do a post just with some of those terms.  Anyway, I came across the term “crop” and had to google it. It’s origins are from scrapbooking (another dark art, as far as I’m concerned) and it basically means getting  a load of crafters together in the same room, to work on your own projects, with other craft loving folk.  Well, that’s what I think it means!  I’ll be finding out in person soon, because I arranged a trip to see Martin and Liz purely based on the fact that Liz and I could attend a local (to her) weekend crop together!  Liz’s upline Jen is one of the organisers.  Liz and I are really excited and have joined all kinds of swaps.  So, we have entered a cookie recipe swap together – you provide a recipe that you decorate and swap with other people – you end up with new cookie recipes and possibly inspiration for other projects.  We are encouraged to include the actual cookies, as well!  We also have “Secret Pals” – we filled in a questionnaire and Jen partners you with a Secret Pal.  You know who they are (obviously) but they don’t know who you are.  Your secret pal will be someone else, that you don’t know.  If that makes sense.  You buy gifts, make a card, basically leave surprises and treats for your pal and there’s a big reveal at the end.  I can’t wait to experience the crop!  One thing I’ve found with crafting in general is you meet loads of lovely people.  Joining the crafting “cult” would be worth it just for the people, forget about the immense satisfaction and fun I have creating with card, ink and bling.

By now I’m guessing you’re wondering where today’s card is?  I’ve decided to share the gift tag I’ve created for the (yep, you guessed it), gift tag swap at the crop and am crossing my fingers that no-one from the crop except Liz will see it.

I ummed and ahhed over the design of this.  I played with the scallop tag topper punch, the Note Tag punch, heat embossing, Stampin’ Glitter and so on.  I was sure that in the end I would use the Star framlits, and even wrote my post assuming I would, but in the end I created something very different, so had to change it!  Here’s my final design:

Ho ho ho gift tag

Hope you like it!